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FLOP SYSTEM as a business partner

28 years of experience
• Successful since establishment upon Polish transformation in 1988

Innovation driven
• Regular introduction of cutting-edge solutions
– Systemair, Dantherm, Titon

Shaping industry
• Membership of PSBE
• Cooperation with leading Polish universities – Wrocław/Warsaw Univ. of Technology
• Participation in international projects – Cambridge/Brighton University

...adds value to its clients

Offering expertise and tailored solutions
• Broad product portfolio
• Variety of completed projects

Helping gain competitive advantage
• Enhanced quality products
• Costs-saving solutions

Providing industry knowledge & network
• Polish legislation changes
• European Union regulations
• Global industry trends
• International network of business partners



Feel free to contact us:


email: office@flopsystem.pl

phone: +48 71-325-14-20




FLOP SYSTEM strategically focused on healthy ventilation


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